Glad to see you on Auto Summoners War !
Auto Summoners War provide simple tool for playing Summoners War more safety and effective. Your heros are still farming while you can take your rest, play your video game or have your date. It's extremely brilliant. Come and join us.

How to get trial license:
- Step 1: Click on this link and download zipped file
- Step 2: Extract zipped file with 123456 as password
- Step 3: Run extracted file on trial mode

Purchase instructions

1. Payment method
– PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery Network

2. How to buy
- Step 1: Create new account
   + On this website, click Register to register your account (free)
   + Then login your account
- Step 2: Deposit money
   + 2.1: Register a PayPal account if you haven't
   + 2.2: Link your VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery Network to your PayPal account
   + 2.3: On this website, go to Deposit and select PayPal
   + 2.4: Select amount which you want to deposit
   + 2.4: Finish your paypal transaction then you have money in your balance
- Step 3: Order
   + On this website, go to Buy License
   + Enter number of auto, on the left, you want to have
   + Press Buy to complete
- Step 4: Active your license
   + Run your auto again
   + Select "I have a license"
   + Login with your credential and finish

3. Support
– Facebook Auto.Summoners.War

Price List

- New License: 10 USD

- Additional Simulator: 5 USD (more simulators for existed license)

- Used time: 1 Month


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Get your license back

- Free to get your password back
- Be able to reset your license 1 time(s) (Unlimited reset in first 48 hours after buying a new license)